Top 2 Destinations for Nepalese Students to Study in 2022

As we can see, the willingness of Nepalese students to go abroad for further education has increased a lot. As long as students use the skills they learned in their home country, this has advantages. Students are choosing to study abroad and this trend is increasing. Student mobility is good for the country. With globalization, the number of school transfers is also increasing. This process will definitely help to build the country’s manpower.

what do you think? Is it good or bad to study in America, Australia, Canada or Europe?

Lack of quality education and proper educational facilities in proper universities, every day a large number of Nepalese students apply for higher education and go abroad. Studying abroad is one of the great opportunities to enrich your mind with knowledge, positive atmosphere and more experiences. If college or student life seems monotonous and boring, find the perfect study abroad destination.

You can contact a consulting company. This consulting company is not only the only educational technology center for overseas students, but also a business center, making it a popular study destination for Nepalis. There are other destinations for Nepalese students for overseas destinations. Some of them are America, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Cyprus, Japan, South Korea, etc.

The number of students who go abroad is increasing year by year. Especially in recent years, the number of students who go abroad has been increasing. Some of the reasons are easy access to foreign countries, increased awareness of people and lack of favorable educational courses in Nepal. These days, students have easy access to abroad, as many countries have expanded their visa approval limits.

Also, students become more aware of visa processes, study requirements, and more. Another reason is easy banking. For these various reasons, the number of students who go abroad increases year by year. This has both positive and negative aspects. We will talk about it in another article.

In the last few years, we have seen an increase in the migration of students to some countries. This list shows the names of top study destinations for Nepalese students.

Best places to study for Nepali students

Here are some of the most preferred study abroad destinations for Nepalese students. Over the past few years, Australia, New Zealand and the United States have remained the most popular destinations.

United States of America

The United States has always been one of the most popular destinations for Nepalese students. Who wouldn’t want to get a degree from the US? Even now, more than 50% of students choose to study in the US. The United States has a list of the most prestigious universities in the world. America is definitely the land of opportunities.

nepali students in usa

The only disadvantage of students who study in America is that they eventually want to settle in this country. This happens most of the time. And very few people return home after completing their studies. America also offers many scholarship opportunities for Nepalese students.

The United States is recognized as one of the leading countries in providing quality education. America offers different options depending on your academic and cultural preferences. The reason for choosing America.

It is one of the world’s most renowned universities, and the United States is home to some of the world’s top 4,000 universities, offering diverse courses and a wide range of degrees across all academic disciplines. 16 of the top 20 universities in the world are in the United States.

  • There is flexibility in universities because the American higher education system offers flexible options depending on the needs and interests of the student. Undergraduate students can choose from different majors before choosing a major at the end of the second year. This gives students time and options to explore their interests.
  • They offer career opportunities, get degrees from prestigious universities, and widen the career prospects of international degrees. Wider career paths for students as various international companies select students as candidates and offer career and product opportunities.
  • Use of Technology The United States is a leader in the invention and use of new technology. The use of new technology enables students to perform a variety of tasks.
  • We help and support international students as they find it difficult to adjust to their new student life at an international university. Many American universities offer better guidance and support to help all students succeed.

scholarships in USA

America has always been the main priority of young students. There is no doubt that America is famous for education. It has a list of A-rated universities and colleges globally. In this case, there is no reason why students should not want to go to America. And of course America is the land of opportunities and many people want to live in America and study visa is a gateway for them. But it is true that many students want to live in developed countries.

Another reason I want to go to America is the available options. There are also many college listings that offer affordable fee structures. Students can choose from affordable to expensive colleges. Also, America gives scholarships to students to study. Its scholarships make it very easy for students to complete their studies.

For Master’s courses, we also provide teaching assistantship opportunities for students. They can learn and work with professors. This gives a huge boost to their career. Despite the high cost of living and the complicated environment, students want to study and eventually live in America. However, due to Trump’s tougher policies, the number of students applying to the United States has decreased and the number has shifted to Australia.


Australia is undoubtedly the most popular study abroad destination. And in recent years, the number of students going to Australia has increased dramatically. The main reason for this is that most Australian universities are among the top universities in the world.

Additionally, the student-friendly environment makes it a top choice. Students can work up to 20 hours a week at the school and can apply for a two-year post-work visa after completing their degree.

Australia - United States Department of State

Likewise, another reason is deregulation. The rules are designed to make getting an Australian visa much easier than before. If you don’t like Australian universities, you can easily transfer. Recently, the Australian government has revised its policy to make it easier for students to obtain visas.

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Students should do good research to find cheap universities in Australia. University fees vary from university to university. The huge costs could cause big problems in Australia in the near future. So students should take time to choose the cheapest and best colleges.

We have listed some of the universities and their fee structure. This may help students to understand the differences in tuition structure in different Australian universities.

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Every day thousands of Nepali students go to Australia for higher education. Out of the world’s top 100 universities, Australia has the top 7 universities with more than 22,000 majors in 1,100 institutions.


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