Why Nepalese Students Go To Abroad For Study?


Reasons Why Nepalese Students Go To Abroad For Study: – Young people in Nepal are constantly disappearing. When looking at the demography of Nepalese villages. The situation is even worse. You can’t see many young people. The number can be counted on the fingers. The situation is getting worse. The land remains barren because there is no one to cultivate it. There is nothing to be confused about.

Everyone, including the Nepalese government, knows where and why so many young people have gone missing. The two main reasons that our government explains in simple and understandable language are to make money and the other is to study.

Here we will be talking about the disappearance of youth studying abroad. Why do they go abroad? The reasons may be as follows:

6 Reasons Why Nepalese Students Go To Abroad For Study

1. Quality Education:

We have to accept the fact that education in Nepal is not of the same quality as other countries. The curriculum is old. Don’t be upset, but professors and professors who teach at major colleges and universities are old. They are not familiar with the new teaching methods and the latest lessons that students need to keep up with the world.

2. Valid Certificate:

My experience is that the certificates you get here have no value abroad. Indian certificates are more valuable than ours. Therefore, students go abroad to obtain valid and valuable certificates. Certificates and degrees are a measure to meet the demands of high-paying jobs.

3. Job/Earning while studying:

There are not many opportunities for students to earn while studying in Nepal. Not everyone has the financial means to continue studying until the end of the degree. While in a foreign country, the range and variety of work is more. Also, foreign currency is worth more when converted to Nepalese currency. Students can earn a living, pay for their education and even send money home.

4. Scholarship opportunities:

Developed countries offer more scholarship opportunities to Nepali students than Nepali government itself. The scholarship offers money in the form of food and accommodation, as well as five free training courses. Students are recruited to study abroad.

5. Settle in abroad:

It is a hard fact that life in Nepal is not very good. Even the basic needs of life are hardly met. Only those who can afford it can fulfill all the requirements at home. Everyone wants to live a luxurious and comfortable life. Although the minimum facilities available abroad are much more expensive than in Nepal. So they go abroad for permanent or long-term settlement.

6. Peer Group Pressure:

Recently, studying abroad has become a trend among the new generation. There are no homes inside or outside Kathmandu and none of the children are abroad, whether in Australia or Bangladesh for higher education. As soon as he completes his 10+2 education, he is pressured by his friends to study abroad.

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