A volunteer visa allows successful applicants to come to Ireland and work as a volunteer for 90 days or more. This is a type of long-term visa for Ireland. You can only apply for a voluntary visa if you have secured a suitable role from an eligible Irish organisation.

A voluntary visa allows you to stay in Ireland for up to one year. If the work is not completed, the visa can be extended for another year. This visa allows short-term travel from Ireland. You can also change the sponsoring organization during your stay.

If your volunteer role is for less than 90 days, you cannot apply for a volunteer visa. Instead, apply for a short-stay visa. Voluntary Irish visas also have limitations. You can’t work for a salary regardless of your job.

You will also need enough funds to support yourself, as you will not have access to government benefits or public services. You can only change your sponsor once every 12 months and you cannot sponsor your family to come to Ireland.

Voluntary visa holders cannot stay in Ireland for more than two years. You also cannot change your residence status. If you stay less than two years, you must leave the country. However, in exceptional circumstances, it may be extended for another year.

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