How to Apply UK Seasonal Work Visa 2022 from Nepal

You may have heard of the UK temporary work or seasonal work visa. As the name suggests, this is a short-term job opportunity under the UK government that allows you to work in the UK if you apply and are selected.

It appears to be a horticultural occupation such as picking fruits and vegetables, picking flowers. Poultry work, “pig slaughter” and operations are currently suspended.

This is the job that all Nepalis are talking about with UK Farm Visa for Nepal 2022. If you are currently unemployed and looking for a job, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Of course, there are some eligibility checks that need to be done for UK Seasonal Work Visa 2022. Check the requirements below.

Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa 2022 from Nepal

The UK Seasonal Work Scheme allows people from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) to work temporarily in agriculture, horticulture, fishing, food processing, catering, construction, hospitality and other industries that require seasonal work. Find a temporary job.

1. CV and Cover Letter for UK Seasonal Work Visa 2022

The first process is to get a Certificate of Support (CoS), which is simply a reference number. If you want to know where it is, your sponsor or employer in the UK will issue this certificate.

Getting CoS is easy. You must apply for work through one of the four UK legal operators. Find out more about UK government approved businesses here.

  • Europass CV
  • Cover Letter

You can create CV & Cover Letter from here

Once you have prepared these documents, apply for a job in the company of your choice. Then contact us by phone or email for more details.

2. Requirements for UK Seasonal Work Visa for Nepalese

This is the second step after creating your resume and cover letter, and looking for companies that hire seasonal workers. The requirements are simple and few are listed below.

  • 18 years old and above (legal age to work) and
  • Have a Sponsor

A sponsor is an employer or company that manages or gives you a job. Having a sponsor is important because it is the sponsor that provides the sponsor’s certificate reference number.

3. Documents to prepare for UK Seasonal Work Visa for Nepali

The last step is to make sure you have all the following documents for your visa application. As with the requirements, the documents required for temporary work in the UK are very limited.

  • Passport
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS Reference Number)
  • Bank Statement – With Minimum Balance

a. Passport

As you know passport is mandatory for international travel, having a valid passport is a must. This is to verify your identity and nationality.

b. Certificate of Sponsor (CoS reference number)

According to, this is not a real document or certificate. This is a reference number that holds your personal and business information.

Your sponsor will provide you with this reference number and you will need to add it to your visa application. – This can only be used once.

c. Bank Statement – With Minimum Balance

It is a requirement wherever you go and you must maintain a minimum balance in your bank account. About 1270 pounds, which in today’s terms is about 196,110.22 Nepalese Rupees.

This is to ensure you have enough balance or funds in your account to live independently in the UK. This money must be kept in your account for at least 28 days.

You may be asked to provide proof of this when applying for your visa. You are exempt from this (not required) if your sponsor has paid or covered your expenses.

Note: This information is taken from the official GOV UK website. Also, please note that the value of the pound may change in the future.

4. How much does it costs to apply for Uk Seasonal Work Visa?

If you apply yourself and do not pay any consultancy charges then there are limited expenses.

  • Application Fee
  • Personal Expense for UK – (mentioned above)
  • Airlines Ticket

The visa application fee for this is £259, which is 39,955.49 Nepalese Rupees as of 29 June 2022.

As mentioned above, personal expenses must be at least £1,270. This is approximately 196,110.22 Nepalese Rupees in today’s terms. It allows you to live in the UK for a month and is nothing to pay someone else.

Airfare is not provided on the official website, but if the sponsor has not paid the airfare, the airfare must be paid.

5. How Long Can I Stay in the UK

These are seasonal work visas and allow you to stay in the UK for up to 6 months. If your visa is valid, you can enter the UK 14 days before you start work.

6. What you can do

You might be curious about this. What can I do other than work in the UK? All you can do is

  • Work as described in your Certificate of Sponsor
  • Study Courses (You will need an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate)

7. What you should not or cannot do

These are important rules you should follow as their rules are strict and to avoid trouble. You cannot

  • Accept or Ask for Permanent jobs
  • Work part-time in a second job, work which is not listed in your CoS
  • Aquire public funds
  • Bring family members

8. How long does it take to get Uk Seasonal Work Visa

After obtaining a sponsor, you can apply for a visa 3 months before starting work. Working days are indicated in the sponsor’s certificate. After that, you need to prove your identity and provide documents.

You can apply for a visa online. After completing all these, the results will be declared most likely within three weeks.

If you don’t know how much you can earn there, get this kind of information from your employer. Everything is specified in your contract.


It’s only 6 months of work, but I think it’s a great opportunity for those who want to explore different work cultures, network, work with different people, experience and earn money. Also, if you wish, you can study different courses to deepen your knowledge.

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